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Precision injection moulding is our speciality and we are able to do technical insert moulding when required. Our machine operators have experience working with a range of inserts, from thin tubes to larger gear wheels and bearings.

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Injection Moulding


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Penhale Quantock Ltd are a family run injection moulding company based in Somerset, UK and was established in 1980 as the sister company of former moulding powerhouse Planagear. The company services a wide range of industries including agriculture, automotive, textiles and much more.  As a company, we value the close relationships we develop with our customers and operate in the most transparent way possible.

Injection Moulding


Are you looking to design a new product?  Here at Penhale Quantock Ltd we can help. We have been developing new products for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our customers. Whatever your budget, we offer a range of services to suit your requirements. We do not look to profit on development and consultations, our priority is to help our customers develop new products and have the privilege of moulding and assembling them!


Check out our case study on our latest product added to our lighting range the Solar.


For some projects, prototyping before going into tool production can be essential and help reduce unwanted costs. 3D renderings on a computer are great, but there is nothing quite like having a real part in in your hand to evaluate!  We have an Ultimaker 3D printer in-house to help with product development which allows us to manufacture parts up 200mm in diameter.

Secondary Processing

To help save our customers time and money, we offer a range of secondary processing services to ensure product is supplied fit for purpose. From milling, to turning, to trimming to component assembly, here at Penhale Quantock Ltd we can help find the ideal solution for your project.

Assembly Service

Here at Penhale Quantock Ltd we offer an assembly service for our customers to help them minimise their processing and ultimately reduce costs. From LED Luminaires for the lightning industry to gear wheels for the textiles industry, our service covers a wide spectrum of products,

Flexible Production

One of our core strengths is our ability to offer flexible production runs to suit you, the customer.  We are able to offer shorter production runs when required to help reduce waste and unnecessary costings. Semi-automatic jobs are not issue for us here at PQ!

A moulding is only as good as the tool which is used to produce it. Here at PQ, we have worked closely with a local toolmaker for over 20 years offering the highest quality of tooling at very competitive pricing.  We have seen a large increase of customers now choosing to have their tools manufactured back here in the UK to avoid all the well documented issues which surround outsourcing to the far east.  If you would like to see a sample moulding from our lighting product range please do not hesitate to ask!



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