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The Lumaax is the highest performing diffuser on the market, developed in house by our expert injection moulding division. When compared to the market standard opal, the Lumaax offers up to a 92% increase in Light Output Ratio. The diffuser also eliminates the “hot - spot” or “glare” caused by the LED boards, increasing the application range for our enclosures.


Don’t be fooled by its yellow-ish appearance, once lit the Lumaax comes to life. Such is the performance of the Lumaax,  many of our customer’s are able to reduce the circuit watts of their enclosure’s and still achieve the desired light output ratio (LOR). The diffuser helps provide long term energy saving capabilities and increases the efficiency of our enclosure’s.


    92 % increase in LOR compared to the market standard opal


    Eradicates glare and hotspots caused by the LED's


    Reduces shadowing around the edge of the Luminaire


    Available across our range




Please note : These results have been taken from photometry results using a 15w Tridonic board. These are available for reference upon request.


When comparing the Lumaax against a clear prismatic diffuser,  the performance remains high without any of the dangerous glare casued by the led's. Other advantages of the Lumaax include the ability to reduce circuit watts and still achieving the desired performance levels.

Performance Comparison


When choosing an appropriate internal specification, make sure you take the performance of the Lumaax into consideration.  You may be able to significantly reduce the mA and still achieve the desired performance.


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